OffOn Border Collies recently moved and we are now located in Las Vegas, NV. We have been breeding ABCA/AKC registered PERFORMANCE Border Collies since 1994. We strive to produce Border Collies that are intelligent and athletic with superior structure.  They have strong drive, work ethic, and are well-balanced mentally and physically to compete in all performance venues. Our puppies are successfully competing around the USA and Canada in obedience, agility, flyball, herding, rally and disc dog .

At OffOn we strive to have our dogs and puppies be sound in mind and body, with the attitude to get "the job done". We only breed the type of dog WE would want to work and compete with.  Our dogs are high drive and biddable with an "off switch" so they are able to just hang out with you after the work is complete.  All of our dogs live in our home with us, we do not have a kennel type situation nor do our dogs live outside. Our puppies are born in our living room and raised underfoot as part of the family. Our dog's health and well being is number one to us and we ensure this by feeding them a very high quality diet, supplements as recommended by our holistic
veterinarian, regular daily exercise, regular grooming and vet care, twice monthly chiropractic visits and all the love they need to grow up to be well balanced dogs that will become kind loving parents in the future. We are also always here anytime for support and advice for the lifetime of our puppies. We believe it is essential to treat our puppy buyers as family and support them as such.
All dogs used in our breeding program are thoroughly health tested. They are all PennHIP, OFA, CERF tested, BAER Normal bilaterally, CEA tested and MDR1 tested.  We have an on going waiting list so please be sure you read all of the information provided about our breeding program and how we raise our puppies. If you should have any questions, comments or require further information please
contact us.