OffOn Bugaboos Life With Lovee

Lovee is from our breeding of Sprint x Sooner. She is a beautifully put together girl that really is very high drive. Lovee was originally owned by Linda Grove but she became very ill and now she is owned and loved by Chuck Kline. We are very thankful we got the opportunity to have Lovee as apart of our breeding program. She produced very nice, athletic puppies. She is now retired from breeding and spayed.

Height: 19"
Date of Birth: July 15, 2007
CERF: Normal (most recent 2010)
CEA/CH: Normal
MDR1: Normal
TNS: Normal
BAER: Normal
OFA: Good Hips

Ignited OffOn Sooner or Later NA ONYX TFP-II

CERF Normal BAER Normal Hips OFA Good PennHIP .33/.24 (90th) Elbows OFA Normal DNA CEA Normal

OffOn A Storming Intrepid HOBBES NA CD

CERF clear BAER normal Hips OFA good Elbows OFA normal DNA CEA normal

Heelalong Off On A Tangent UD CAN-CDX UKC-CD NA NAJ FGDCh-40K

AKC DL56980401 AKC ILP 72031 AIBC 94470 Hips OFA Excellent

Sandhill Brita

AKC DL85677301 ABC 158587 PennHip 0.37/0.37

SH Willy's Jeep

ABC 133393


ABC 124704

Heelalong Off On A Mad Dash ONYX TFE-III

CERF clear BAER normal Hips OFA good PennHIP .38/.43 (60th) Elbows OFA normal DNA CEA carrier


ABCA 12460 OFA Good Hips

1989/90/93 USBCHA NAT.CH. Nick

ABC 1778 1998 ABCA Hall of Fame Inductee

Imp. Jen

ABC 5728 2000 ABCA Hall of Fame Inductee

Heelalong Off On A Sleighride RE AX OAJ

Hips OFA Good CERF Clear