Matrix is 3/4 Border Collie bred on "Wendel's Farm" in Ontario Canada. Matrix was the heart and soul of RAID's A Team for years.  Her best time was 3.89 seconds over 12 inches which was her NAFA height.  We moved to TX in 2006 and she still continued to run flyball on Hyper Flights B Team posting 3.9's over 8 inches at 8 years old. Matrix retired at 10 years old still posting 4.0's!! Matrix has a gorgeously built body and is pure heart.  She is also 100% terrier and just when you turn your back she reminds you of that!  She has earned her nickname The Wolverine, just try running her in flyball and you'll know why! Matrix is now retired from flyball and enjoying her retirement after a successful performance career with Julie Wegter in Wisconsin. Matrix was spayed and never bred.

Date of Birth: June 10, 2002