Imp. Millie

Millie is a gorgeous black and white tri-color female. Millie was imported from the UK by Thomas Longton as a young dog. Her pedigree is packed full of incredible herding dogs. Millie is truly the whole package. She has beautiful structure, a great temperament and is very fast and light on her feet. Millie is a very high drive girl that wants to work all the time. Millie is a wonderful producer giving all of her wonderful qualities onto her puppies consistently.

Height: 20" 
Date of Birth: February 4, 2009
CERF: Normal (most recent 2014)
CEA/CH: Normal
MDR1: Normal
TNS: Normal
BAER: Normal (Rechecked in 2015 - still normal)

PennHIP: 90th Percentile 
OFA: Prelim Good

Scrum ISDS 287731

Bob ISDS 240647

Roy ISDS 213922

Gail ISDS 194603

Trim ISDS 241145

Scot ISDS 184241

Deerplay Trim ISDS 212171

Tilly ISDS 288038

Jack ISDS 259055

Lucky ISDS 216081

Holly ISDS 248364

EEZ ISDS 273267

Jim ISDS 238571

Zee ISDS 252043