Imp. Astra Scorch

Scorch is a black and white ticked female imported from Astra Sheepdogs' from the Mars x Mishka litter.  Scorch is a very gifted herding dog.  She is very powerful and quick on her feet.  Scorch has now retired from the breeding program and produced her last Border Staffy litter in early 2013. She has founded a legacy of Border Collie and Border Staffy flyball and agility dogs. Currently she has had one purebred Border Collie litter with us which are showing serious potential in obedience, disc, agility and rally. Scorch was spayed in August of 2013 and is now enjoying retirement after creating an amazing legacy of puppies and very happy puppy owners with Liane Lewis in Texas.

Height: 17 1/4" 
Date of Birth: October 22nd, 2005
CERF: Normal (most recent 2012)
CEA/CH: Normal
MDR1: Normal
TNS: Normal
BAER: Normal
PennHIP: 100th Percentile 
OFA: Excellent Hips

Astra Mars

Sadghyl Pip

Sadghyl Cairn

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