Ignited OffOn Sooner or Later

Sooner is a blue merle tri-colored male from Ignited Border Collies' only breeding of Brita x Trep. Sooner is a wonderful gift to me from his sire Trep, my heart dog. He is a very strong, beautifully built powerhouse that puts his entire soul into everything he does no matter how small the task may seem! Sooner has sired many wonderful offspring that are excelling at agility, flyball, herding, obedience and rally. 
Height: 19 7/8" 
Date of Birth: January 20, 2002
Titles: NA, ONYX, TFP-II
CERF: Normal (most recent 2014)
CEA/CH: Normal
MDR1: Normal
TNS: Normal
BAER: Normal
PennHIP: 90th Percentile (.33/.24)
OFA: Good Hips, Normal Elbows

Ignited OffOn Sooner or Later NA ONYX TFP-II

CERF Normal BAER Normal Hips OFA Good PennHIP .33/.24 (90th) Elbows OFA Normal DNA CEA Normal

OffOn A Storming Intrepid HOBBES NA CD

CERF clear BAER normal Hips OFA good Elbows OFA normal DNA CEA normal

Heelalong Trevwen Rock

AKC ILP 19213 ISDS 122541 Hips OFA Normal

OTCH Heelalong Cinder Glow UDX2 TD NA

AIBC 67526 Hips OFA Good

Heelalong Off On A Tangent UD CAN-CDX UKC-CD NA NAJ FGDCh-40K

AKC DL56980401 AKC ILP 72031 AIBC 94470 Hips OFA Excellent

OTCH Heelalong Pippin UDX TD

AKC DL58115601 AIBC 58847 Hips OFA Fair CERF Clear

OTCH Heelalong Kentucky Derby

AIBC 81921 Hips OFA Good

Sandhill Brita

AKC DL85677301 ABC 158587 PennHip 0.37/0.37

SH Willy's Jeep

ABC 133393


ABC 43892


ABC 85715


ABC 124704


ABC 47398


AIBC 106729