Heelalong OffOn A Mad Dash

Sprint is a black and white female from the Blitz X Dash breeding. Sprint has some incredible dogs in her pedigree!  She was actually sold at 8 weeks to another home and when they backed out I decided to keep her.  What a fateful day that would turn out to be!!  Sprint's wonderful structure, great work ethic and intelligence has been handed down to her children.  The greatest gift she has given them is her amazing heart!  She give 200% to everything she does and it is this admirable trait I am seeing not only in her kids but now in her grandkids.  Sprint had seven litters for me and blessed a lot of people with some incredible dogs!  She is now retired from competition and breeding and was spayed.  She can be seen as my constant companion where ever I go, or laying next to me at night and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Height: 18 3/4" 
Date of Birth: January 26th, 2000
CERF: Normal (most recent 2012)
CEA/CH: Carrier
MDR1: Normal
TNS: Normal
BAER: Normal
PennHIP: 60th Percentile 
OFA: Good Hips, Normal Elbows


Heelalong Off On A Mad Dash ONYX TFE-III

CERF clear BAER normal Hips OFA good PennHIP .38/.43 (60th) Elbows OFA normal DNA CEA carrier


ABCA 12460 OFA Good Hips

1989/90/93 USBCHA NAT.CH. Nick

ABC 1778 1998 ABCA Hall of Fame Inductee

Shep ABC 89

Nan ABC 115

Imp. Jen

ABC 5728 2000 ABCA Hall of Fame Inductee

Tweed ISDS 92756

Dawn ISDS 84081

Heelalong Off On A Sleighride RE AX OAJ

Hips OFA Good CERF Clear

OTCH Heelalong Pippin UDX TD

AKC DL58115601 AIBC 58847 Hips OFA Fair CERF Clear

OTCH Heelalong Molten Lava UDX2 HSAs MX MXJ

AKC DL57030602 AIBC 99665 Hips OFA Good CERF Normal

DhuMoor Dakota CD HSAs AX AXJ

AKC DL58115201 ABC 30036 Hips OFA Good CERF Clear

Norwood's Whirlwind UD AX MXJ

AKC ILP 76591 Hips OFA Good CERF Clear